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As one of the most impactful decisions of your life, we are dedicated to honoring your marriage the same way we honor our own.

Both in our marriage and our business, we are a team. We are both lead photographers with extensive experience, so no matter which of us is with you at the moment, you’re going to have an incredible time, and the photos to prove it.

Superior communication is a natural and vital part of our union and business, which ensures we are always on the same page as you are.

Saint Louis Wedding Photographers The Bennetts

To learn more about us and our approach, keep reading!

Mitchell and Katie Bennett St Louis Wedding Photographers

“Working with Katie and Mitchell was a lot of fun and so easy! Our wedding gallery turned out even better than we expected. They captured the most special moments of the day. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!”


A Heart for Authenticity

Quality photography requires careful attention. At the core, images that steal your breath are a result of steadfast honesty. When you look at your heirloom album or wedding gallery, we want you to feel in touch with those people and that time.

Whether it’s your wedding album or printed images on your walls, our goal is that you feel just as enamored with your photos as you did the first time you saw them, even ten years later.

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A Heart for Service

Our photography is fueled by a desire to be of service to those around us. Faith has played a huge role in our lives and is the inspiration in our business.

Your wedding day is our opportunity to offer the careful attention, calming presence, and gentle support you deserve.

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“During the wedding day, we felt at ease, and the wedding album turned out IMPECCABLE. We are completely speechless in the best way, which is how every couple should feel.”


A Heart for Belonging

A sense of community conjures feelings of belonging and ease. We see working together as a way of building connection and fostering comfort.

As honorary members of your team, we will go the extra mile to ensure you are relaxed and untroubled even when the circumstances are unfamiliar.

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St. Louis Wedding Photography

“Most of the time, it was like Katie and Mitchell weren’t even there. However, I actually found myself looking for Katie almost in an effort to ground myself. Their presence was comforting.”


The Faces Behind the Lens

Meet Katie & Mitchell Bennett

We have been partners in life for 14 years and in business for 12. Our marriage and the ability to take part in so many others is something that brings us tremendous joy. Working and creating together is something we are so grateful to do.

Staying connected to our local community is really important to us, as is being involved at church. When we aren’t working, we are planning date nights, family road trips, trying new restaurants, or attending Mizzou games (M-I-Z!)

headshot of Mitchell and Katie Bennett, The Bennetts

Fun Facts About Katie & Mitchell

  • We live in the Missouri Ozarks, and we hate to disappoint, but it’s quite unlike the Netflix drama series 
  • We are both Mizzou alums
  • We have four rambunctious children—you read that right, FOUR
  • We plan to take our kids to every quadrant of the U.S. 
  • Katie’s treasured morning routine is sipping coffee while wild ducks and geese doddle around our private lake 
  • Michell is known for his perfectly timed dry humor that never fails to crack a smile
Bride in mirror by St. Louis wedding photographers The Bennetts

“Katie and Mitchell were friendly and personable which helped us feel like we knew them for years. We never felt overwhelmed or pressured to make decisions too quickly. Our day included a lot of stops and “special moments” that we wanted to capture, and they were so kind in their willingness to work with us to make it all happen! They earned our respect, both personally and professionally!”


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